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    CaliDraw is online generator of printable calligraphy practice worksheets from kaligrafia.info

  • Sheet settings

  • Choose the size of the paper. In parentheses dimensions are in millimeters.

  • Choose vertical or horizontal orientation of the sheet. Default is horizontal.

  • Choose color scheme for guidelines. Default is "Light".
    "Dark&Bold" is good choice for overlaying.
    Dashed lines are OFF by default.

  • Pen Nib Settings

  • If you do not know the width of your nib, you can choose the manufacturer and pen model. If the pen is on the list - its size will be automatically entered.

  • Enter the width of the nib in millimeters.
    Nib width

  • Alphabet settings

  • Select the type of alphabet for which you want to generate a sheet. From this choice will depend proportions of the gaps between the horizontal lines. You can also enter your own spacing. The unit is here NIB
    schemat linii

  • It is degree of biased guidelines (slants). Enter degree value; 0° is twelve oclock.
    schemat linii

  • Select whether the vertical guides are to be turned on or off. The default is ON.

  • Save options

  • Save generated sheet to disk or display it inside browser (requires PDF plugin).

  • Version 1.3 - 22 apr 2017 | CaliDraw generated a total of 156,604 sheets!

  • Important! To maintain the correct dimensions of the sheet after printing, you must disable document scaling in Print Settings window.